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Welcome to Community Running!

We are a fun running club in the Boston-metro area. We offer coached workouts each week and year round. Our workouts are perfect for everybody, regardless of age, experience or ability. Our core membership is made up of "middle-to-back of the pack" runners who run for fun, fitness, and often for a good cause.

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Our next C25K class will start Monday, January 5!

Party party! CR's annual winter party will be Sat, Jan 29, at Meadhall. Stay tuned!

Workout cancellations: Dec 15 & 17 -- no practice due to MIT finals. No practice on Wed Dec 24 and Dec 31. We will have workouts on Mon Dec 22 and 29!

New officers: a huge thank-you to our outgoing President Marie-Claude Lamothe, Treasurer Sriram Kannan, and Volunteer Coordinator Erin Donohue! Incoming officers are President David Leung, Treasurer Joseph Therriault, Member-at-Large Meera Modi, Membership Coordinator Alicia Strauss, and Social Co-Coordinator Marcy Muzykewicz. If you'd like to help out running CR (ba-dum DUM, ksh!), let David know.

We move to the indoor track on Monday, November 3. First outdoor workout is scheduled for Wed, Apr 22 (but we may go outside if the Spring weather is gorgeous).

A huge thank-you to our flagship sponsors of our Grand Prix series: Marathon Sports, Greater Boston Running Company, and City Sports!


Our Workouts


People start showing at 7pm at the MIT outdoor track, and at 7:15pm, we head out for an easy 1.6-mile warmup run. We then split into two groups. Coach Allison works with the 5K and 10K runners while Coach Brian works with the half- and full marathon runners.


Just like on Mondays, we meet at the MIT outdoor track and start with a warmup run outside starting at 7:15pm. Coach Sean designs his workouts to be a good complement to Monday's workouts.

"Am I too slow?"

No. Trust us.

We get that question a lot, and starting from the Coaches and the Board on down, Community Running is very clear on its mission: we are here for the runners you find at the back of the pack in races. If you can run two miles, you're absolutely ready to join us. If you're not quite there yet, no problem -- just drop us a line at info@communityrunning.org and we'll get you there. It's common that CR is the first time people have ever done a track workout, and sometimes people need a few weeks before they can do a full workout -- for instance, our current club president took 4-6 weeks before he could do a full workout when he first showed up.


How Do I Join? What do I need to know?

It's really easy to join.
  • First, sign up for a free two-week trial membership. (Current members can renew their membership at that link as well.) [1]
  • Then, we strongly encourage people to join our low-traffic mailing list to get news and announcements. We also have a social mailing list (higher traffic) and longrun mailing list for our weekend long runs. Joining those two are optional, dependin on your interests.

Then, just show up! Mondays and Wednesdays, people start showing up at 7pm on the ground floor of the Johnson Athletic Center, south side of the building. Around 7:15pm, we head outdoors for a 1.7 mile warmup loop, so layer appropriately! Afterwards, we head indoors to use the indoor track.

When you show up, please introduce yourself! Our members come and go as their schedules allow, so we may not spot a new face in the crowd.

If you're coming by T, get off at either the Kendall or Central stops on the Red Line. If you're coming by car, you can park anywhere along Vassar St. If you're lucky, you can get a parking spot across the street from the outdoor track, but you may need to head further west to find a spot. Parking is free after 6pm.

[1] Note: we're flexible on membership costs, so if you need more time to decide, or if money is unusually tight, please talk to any Board member or send email to info@communityrunning.org. We don't want money to be a barrier to people joining us.



C25K Program

We also help mentor totally new runners. Never run before? Can't run a mile? Not a problem. Everyone has to start somewhere, and many of our members started with the Couch-To-5K Program (C25K). Our New Runners Program is for new runners looking for support and camaraderie.

New runners are ultimately responsible for their own running, but it sure helps to have a support network -- for instance, a community of runners! On Monday nights, one CR member will work with all the new runners to help people get started, answer questions, and generally be available to help out. As always, our coaches can answer your questions in detail either before or after the workout.

Program Starts... ...for 5K Race on
Jan 5, 2015 (Mon) Any St Patrick's Day race

Do I need to register? Can I start late?

No need to register, but it's helpful to know who is coming. Just drop us a line at info@communityrunning.org.

You can start the program late, but you may not be able to train up in time for the targeted 5K. Not to worry, though -- there are tons of 5K races going on all year!

Am I a new runner? Should I be joining the C25K program?

If running a 1.6 mile warmup loop doesn't sound daunting, you should just jump into our workouts. But if you haven't built up to running a full mile yet, then you should join our C25K program. When you show up, just let people know you're here for the C25K program -- we don't want to accidentally send you out on the warmup loop!

Featured Member

Once a month, we feature a different member here in this space.

Name - Joseph Therriault, aka Jay

Where you live - Cambridge

Occupation - Manufacturing Engineer

Favorite distance - Any trail run over 10 miles

Your favorite running route (can be city, park, country type of terrain) - The Charles River, the part close to Watertown with the wooden bridges

Favorite pre-race food - Coffee and lots of it

Favorite post-race food - Beer and lots of it

Distances PR (if you want to list) - 5k 18:16, Marathon 3:26:46

Why do you run? - I run to keep myself healthy and to drain some nervous energy

Best run/race memory? - Finishing the Big Sur International Marathon with my wife after walking 3 of the last 6 miles on frozen calfs

What made you choose CR? - My wife wanted me to