New Runners

Are you new to running? Maybe just started Couch-To-5K (usually abbreviated 'C25K')? Come join us!

We offer a mentoring program for runners who are still ramping up their running skill. If you're a new runner, it might take a few weeks before you'll be able to join our normal workouts, but that doesn't mean you should miss out on the fun! Not to mention, most people succeed at running when they have running buddies -- which is a big reason why CR exists!

Members volunteer on a rotating basis to be New Runner Mentors who work with new runners. It can be tough to be just starting to run, and our mentors will help you with encouragement and answer questions that you have. And as usual, our coaches are available to help you out as well.


  • We mentor new runners on Monday nights at our usual Monday night practices.
  • Each week, one volunteer from our group will check in with all the new runners: how is your running going? Any surprises or questions so far?
  • If you need a running buddy, that week's volunteer will be available to run with the new runners. (Note that, if there are lots of new runners at different parts of the program, they may not be able to stick with you all of the time.)
  • When the main CR group heads out for their warmup jog, we'll get the new runners started as well on their 5 minute warmup walk. From there, we'll jump right into whatever week you're doing in C25K.
  • Note that the C25K program has you running three times a week, so it'll be up to the new runners to schedule in the other two runs a week on their own time.

After two or three months, you'll be ready to join the main group!

Sounds great! How do I start?

  1. Check our class schedule below, and come to the first day of a class. We meet at 7:00pm at the MIT Outdoor Track.
  2. Join the c25k-class mailing list. This is also the list to join if you'd like to get announcements about the next C25K class.
  3. Sign up for a free, two-week trial membership. (If getting a half-year or full-year membership will be a financial hardship, we're flexible -- just talk to a Board member. We don't want money to be a barrier to running.)
That's it!

Some people find they have more success if they commit to someone else that they are coming, so tell your friends you're going. And we'd love to hear if you're coming, so feel free to send us email at, too!

Are you a new runner, or a runner who is new to Community Running?

One question we've been getting lately: "should I join the New Runners program?". Obviously, that answer varies by individual, but remember that Community Running is a middle-of-the-pack running group. Most people who've run in the past are more than ready to jump into our workouts. The New Runners' program are for people who are still ramping up to running one to two miles continuously. Either way, feel free to drop us a line at if you have questions!

Class schedule

We run our C25K program on a class schedule: each "class" targets a particular 5K race. Here are the upcoming classes:

Program Starts... ...for 5K Race on
Jan 9, 2017 (Mon) Any St Patrick's Day 5K race

Class mentors

These are the CR members who've volunteered to be mentors. Mentors, if you have questions, please drop Dave Leung a line via

Any St Patrick's Day 5K Race
Date Mentor Week Workout
1/9 dave 1 Jog 60 sec, walk 90 sec
1/16 TBD 2 Jog 90 sec, walk 120 sec
1/23 TBD 3 Jog 200, walk 200, jog 400, walk 400
1/30 TBD 4 Jog 1/4, walk 1/8, jog 1/2, walk 1/4, jog 1/4, walk 1/8, jog 1/2
2/6 TBD 5 Jog 1/2, walk 1/4, jog 1/2, walk 1/4, jog 1/2
2/13 TBD 6 Jog 1/2, walk 1/4, jog 3/4, walk 1/4, jog 1/2
2/20 (none) 7 Jog 2.5
2/27 (none) 8 Jog 2.75
3/6 (none) 9 Jog 3.0
3/13 (none) Race!
We pad the usual C25K program with an extra week: we find that people get sick, or hosed by work, or attacked by a horde of rabbits, or just struggle with a particular week -- which week varies by person. So, for whatever reason, it's often useful to have an extra week to plan for. And if your C25K is blessed with uneventful weeks, then you'll be that much more prepared for your first 5K race!